[ RadSafe ] RE: NRC website?

Maury Siskel maurysis at ev1.net
Wed Dec 7 21:11:18 CST 2005

Hi John,
You might be closer to the mark than one might suppose. We were a 
foreign country once -- a genuine independent nation!  We also ratain a 
few unique reservations which were stipulated  as conditions for our 
agreement to join the Union. And I enjoy and appreciate your poke in the 
ribs. <g>  Come visit to enjoy Six Flags Over Texas and our history.

John Jacobus wrote:

> <>I always thought that Ft. Worth was like a foreign country. Maybe I 
> am correct.
> --- Maury Siskel <maurysis at ev1.net> wrote:


> <>After many repeated trials last couple days, site
> works fine from Ft. Worth Tx. on Netscape 7.2 via EV1.
> Cheers,
> Maury&Dog    (maurysis at ev1.net)
> ===================
> Dimiter Popoff wrote:
>>> <>Well this sounds like some new epidemic on the systems many people 
>>> use in the US. Perhaps something in the way they do nameserver 
>>> requests or whatever. Does not seem to be destination dependent 
>>> content, though. Just some software glitch, mostlikely OS related.
>>>Dimiter Popoff Transgalactic Instruments
>>>--------------  snipped ----------

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