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Ballot by feet?


"Additionally, the highest annual dose rate, 70 mSv, was found at Areia Preta beach (Guarapari) and the hazard indices reach about 350 times the limit recommended by OECD (1979). Guarapari and some sites of the south Espírito Santo State show towns built on the monazite sand region along the Atlantic coast in Brazil, which is one of the most widely known high background radiation areas in the world. The Areia Preta beach in Guarapari, which means black sand in Portuguese, is so much sought after by Brazilian people for their alleged benefits to health that they come from long distances to spend their vacations on the black sands." p. 195


Veiga R, Sanches N, Anjos R M, Macario K, Bastos J, Iguatemy M, Aguiar J G, Santos A M A, Mosquera B, Carvalho C, Baptista Filho M, Umisedo N K, 
Measurement of natural radioactivity in Brazilian beach sands. 
Radiation Measurements 41#2(2006)189-196


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