[ RadSafe ] Article: Australian law could force nuclear dump on territory

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>From Nature Nature 438, 902 (15 December 2005) at

Australian law could force nuclear dump on territory

Australia has moved closer to selecting a permanent
site for the nation's first nuclear waste dump. On 8
December, the Australian government passed legislation
allowing the facility to be built at one of three
sites in the Northern Territory.

The decision has angered local communities and
indigenous people's groups, and follows years of
wrangling between federal and state governments over
where to put the site. State political pressure killed
an earlier proposal to house the facility in South
Australia. The new federal legislation will overrule
any opposition from the Northern Territory government.

The site will serve as a repository for nuclear waste
from agencies such as the Australian Nuclear Science
and Technology Organisation, which runs the country's
only nuclear reactor near Sydney. Australia's nuclear
waste is currently stored in universities, hospitals
and research facilities across the country.

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