[ RadSafe ] Wikipedia survives research test

Wesley wesvanpelt at att.net
Thu Dec 15 20:37:23 CST 2005



I have made much use of www.Wikipedia.com <http://www.wikipedia.com/> , and
find it quite accurate. As a hobby, I have been reading about cosmology,
general relativity, string theory, etc. For example, the wiki site below
seems very authentic to me.




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The free online resource Wikipedia is about as accurate on science as the

Encyclopedia Britannica, a study shows.


The British journal Nature examined a range of scientific entries on both

works of reference and found few differences in accuracy.


Wikipedia is produced by volunteers, who add entries and edit any page.


But it has been criticised for the correctness of entries, most recently

over the biography of prominent US journalist John Seigenthaler.





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