[ RadSafe ] Wikipedia and DU

Maury Siskel maurysis at ev1.net
Fri Dec 16 16:37:18 CST 2005

If one does a search of Wikipedia for  [ depleted uranium  ]  (without 
brackets) then 140 items will be cited.  I've shown the first four and 
the last citation with Wikipedia's relevancy scores.

"depleted uranium"  Relevancy: 100.0% - -     
Depleted Uranium   Relevancy: 100.0% - -
Depleted uranium    Relevancy: 92.9% - -
Depleted uranium ammunition  Relevancy: 81.8% - -
Geology of the Moon   Relevancy: 0.1% - -

Wikipedia has been useful to me from time to time and I've encountered 
no apparent errors. However, surely it would benefit all concerned if 
any subject matter experts on this List would review/contribute 
Wikipedia entries.

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