[ RadSafe ] Mangano: US Beta Levels Up 40% Since 1980

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Thu Dec 22 08:19:32 CST 2005

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www.epa.gov/narel, environmental radiation data

The above link doesn't work.  I've had a cursory look and think that  this is 
the link to the data that is referenced in the article.  
_http://www.epa.gov/narel/radnet/erdonline.html_ (http://www.epa.gov/narel/radnet/erdonline.html) 
The article states SNIP>The EPA measures levels of beta-emitting  
radiation in rainwater each month at about 50 U.S. locations. Since the late  
1980s, average beta levels have risen about 40 percent around the  nation 
Which has confused me, the latest report that I veiwed briefly only had  data 
on the Gross Beta in Airborne Particulates, it did not have the data for  
Beta Activity in Precipitation although it did have a short summary stating how  
and when these measurements were made.
What I find most interesting is that the summary report I viewed did have  
data for 11 results for Sr-90 in Pasturised milk over the quarter.  Given  Mr 
Mangano's statement SNIP>The EPA finding that beta levels are rising  
corresponds to our research 
group's study of Strontium-90 in baby teeth, the  levels of which jumped 
around the nation since the late 1980s.<SNIP  It seems strange that there 
isn't a correlation between Sr-90 levels in Milk and  the increase in Sr-90 
levels in baby teeth.
If anyone can point me in the direction of the data for Beta Activity in  
precipitation, or where I might find the data in the EPA reports in an easier to  
use form e.g. Excel, I would be grateful.

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