[ RadSafe ] Mangano: US Beta Levels Up 40% Since 1980

Otto G. Raabe ograabe at ucdavis.edu
Thu Dec 22 17:22:19 CST 2005

At 06:18 PM 12/21/2005, Jim Hoerner sent:
>[We need to understand whether running an old reactor like Vermont Yankee 
>into the ground is putting more radiation into our environment and bodies 
>and making us more likely to become cancer victims. Health officials like 
>Crist need to present their results publicly, to better understand these 
>crucial matters.
>Joseph J. Mangano,
>National Coordinator
>Radiation and Public Health Project
>Norristown, Pa., Dec. 5
December 22., 2005

Mangano's statement is seriously in error. The average American gets 1 mrem 
per day EDE from natural and normal background sources. People in Colorado 
may get up to 3 mrem EDE per day (mostly from inhaled radon decay 
products). The total ANNUAL dose to Americans from nuclear power, fallout 
(including Sr-90 found in teeth by RPHP),  and all nuclear technolgies is 
about 3 mrem EDE PER YEAR (ICRP 93). If Mangano and his group were correct, 
we would have to evacuate Colorado and several other higher radiation 
States. Actually, Colorado has one of the lowest cancer rates of all the 
States (47th out of 50).  As all nuclear power HP's know, there are no 
serious releases of Sr-90 (or other metabolizable radionuclides) to the 
environment from Nuclear Power stations.


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