[ RadSafe ] Background from Static Electricity in Tritium counters

Don Jordan DonJordan at ramservicesinc.com
Tue Dec 27 08:50:36 CST 2005

Using natural latex gloves causes a lot of static problems.  Switching to
nitrile gloves will solve the problem.  I believe that vinyl gloves also do
not cause static, but I have not used them.  The fabric softener wipes will
eventually deposit a lot of crud in your scintillation counter.

My experience with static is that one gets very erratic counts.  In one
count you'll get 10,000 counts, the next one will be a few hundred, and the
one after that will be 20,000.  The problem you describe sounds more like
chemiluminescence, except for the increase when you remove a vial from the
counter.  This sounds more like phosphorescence caused by fluorescent lights
or direct sunlight.

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