[ RadSafe ] Radiation detectors at ports

Mccormick, Luke I luke.mccormick at dhs.gov
Wed Dec 28 07:32:55 CST 2005

Radiation hits at the border are common and are usually mundane; a
container of bananas, Italian granite, TV set components from China,
ceramic bathroom fixtures. Most all of the radiopharmaceuticals are shipped
into this country. At Bota alone we hit on 25 people per month who have
gone to Mexico either after having radiotherapy or to obtain cheap
radiotherapy. Utensils made of contaminated steel, as well as radioactive
commodities such as lantern mantles have been stopped.
By "harmless" the commissioner meant none were dirty bombs or nuclear
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Subject:    [ RadSafe ] Radiation detectors at ports
Author:     radsafe-bounces at radlab.nl
Date:       12/25/2005 4:22 AM

       Happy Hanuca to all,

       This was posted at May 16:

       "Robert Bonner, commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border
       Protection, told a
       Senate subcommittee on homeland security that since the first
       such devices
       were installed in May 2000, they had picked up over 10,000
       radiation hits in
       vehicles or cargo shipments entering the country. All proved

       Has any one an idea what were the radiation levels caused those
       hits, was
       cargo type considered (bannanas, fertilizers, etc.), what about
       with residues of radioactive material or implanted
       barchitherapy sources?


       Moshe Keren


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