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Emil kerrembaev at yahoo.com
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What MDA's are you talking about?
Concentrated juices and "wild" mushrooms from the eastern Europe
would alarm?
I don't think so!
I counted on HPGe gamma spec a...huuuge 10 pound-er mushroom in
Chernobyl in 1988, just traces of Cs-137 a few pCi/g.
We eat it!!! 
After that I had whole body counts done at 15 USA plants(some counts
1 hour long) and they never showed ANY traces of Cs-137. Just
potassium-40 :-)
I just left Vegas but if I still were there, I would bet 1000:1 on:
"No port screening system would alarm on Chernobyl mushrooms".
If you worked with gamma counting systems, you would know that we are
talking about "Environmental" levels pCi of Cs-137, it is less than 1
I can imagine scenario when somebody brought Chernobyl mushrooms and
you counted it in lab conditions with low BKG.
Field units..... I don't think so.



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>  There are several products that cause detectors to register.  One
> is any
> fruit that contains potassium (Potassium-40) such as bananas. 
> Ceramic tiles
> contain naturally occurring radionuclides.  Concentrated fruit
> juices and
> 'wild' mushrooms that contain both Cesium-137 and Potassium-40 from
> Eastern
> Europe and/or the former Republics of the USSR.
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> Happy Hanuca to all,
> This was posted at May 16:
> "Robert Bonner, commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection,
> told a
> Senate subcommittee on homeland security that since the first such
> devices
> were installed in May 2000, they had picked up over 10,000
> radiation hits in
> vehicles or cargo shipments entering the country. All proved
> harmless."
> Has any one an idea what were the radiation levels caused those
> hits, was
> cargo type considered (bannanas, fertilizers, etc.), what about
> patients
> with residues of radioactive material or implanted barchitherapy
> sources?
> Regards,
> Moshe Keren

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