[ RadSafe ] Key chain radiation detectors

Sreenivas Komanduri Sreenivas.Komanduri at dep.state.nj.us
Thu Dec 29 12:19:53 CST 2005

There are two 'key chain detectors' I came across.  Here are the links
www.nukepills.com  and  www.nukalert.com 
There is no nomenclature I could find, except 'dirty bomb detector'  as
I see.


>>> "Flanigan, Floyd" <Floyd.Flanigan at nmcco.com> 12/29/2005 12:53 PM
Is there any associated nomenclature which might identify these
'detectors'? Or perhaps a link to the marketing site?

Floyd W. Flanigan B.S.Nuc.H.P.

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My question is about 'toy' like radiation detectors a couple of them
being marketed on the internet.  Pictures show real small, can be
attached to the key ring of your car keys and they are marketed as
'dirty bomb detectors'.

Does anyone have any experience of having bought and used them for any
purpose such as training or demo etc.?  Would you please share your

I believe this may not be the first time this is being asked, you may
send your replies to me directly.  Thanks.

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