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I started reading this "thread" a little late (too much to read, too
little time), but I agree with Kelly's explanation below.  I have both
an MHP AND a MPH from San Diego State University. Both degree programs
were, in my opinion, equally rigorous and quite complementary in their
outlook/viewpoint on the world around us.  I also TOTALLY agree with
Sandy's observation of those with degrees not always being able to think
on their feet (i.e. being totally dependent on their book-learning).
Some of the "STUPIDEST" (not a politically correct word, I know) people
I've ever met have the letters BS, MS, PHD and MD after their names, and
some of the smartest have, or should have had, SHK (school of hard
knocks) after theirs.


My personal opinion only, not necessarily that of my employer (the U.S.


Joel Baumbaugh




Thanks Sandy, As a graduate of the University of Michigan Radiation
Protection Program, and one of Phil Plato's students, I can tell you
that rad protection requirements for graduation for either an MS or an
MPH degree were identical and included a thesis and an internship.  The
MPH takes a semester longer because of the additional required
coursework in General Environmental Health, Epidemiology, and
Biostatistics.  The MPH is administered by the School of Public Health,
and the MS is administered by the Rackham Graduate School.  Essentially
no difference.



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> > Many MPH or MSPH programs involve extensive coursework in 

> > biostatistics and epidemiology so don't be too quick to dismiss an 

> > analysis of some issue based solely on the individual having an MPH 

> > degree. 


> I agree! Dr. Phil Plato, formerly at University of Michigan and 

> responsible for the first Draft NVLAP Program, and also responsible 

> for leading the 1st Performance Test Lab back in the '80s, has a MPH. 


> Sad how some automatically judge a person by their credentials, 

> without any real evidence, background or knowledge. Not very 

> scientific ... is it? 



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