[ RadSafe ] LNT/threshold/hormesis - what do HPs really think?

Bernard Cohen blc+ at pitt.edu
Thu Jul 21 10:48:47 CDT 2005

A poll requires an unbiased method for selecting participants. For 
example the one I reported used the first University employed listing on 
each page of the Health Physics Soc and Radiation Research Soc 
membership lists.
    I would appreciate alternative suggestions, including sources of the 
addresses, like the Radiation Research Soc membership list. Is a 
University address sufficient evidence for lack of personal economic bias?
     I would appreciate if people would look at the previous study I 
referred to (posted on the internet) and make comments or suggestions.
    Would Health Physics or some other journal be willing to accept  
this poll for publication? If not, how can I justify the time and money 
spent on it? A group of collaborators (endorsers or co-authors) might be 
useful for this. I can handle the monetary costs.
    Once these matters are settled, I would appreciate suggestions for 
wording the questions. Also on what methods are most suitable for 
sending and receiving info -- e-mail vs snail mail withor without return 
postage, or telephone contact

A Karam wrote:

>Dear Bernie,
>I think that something like this would be great!  One question would be
>how to limit answers to knowledgeable people.  Or maybe even just have
>respondants fill in their affiliation (e.g. health physicist, radiation
>biologist, concerned non-scientist, scientist in another area, etc.)
>If you would be willing to host such a poll, I'd be happy to work with
>you to try to develop a good one.  And, with enough response, the
>results could be interesting.  For example, how many regulators think
>LNT is inaccurate?
>I've got to run, Bernie - I have a phone call coming up.  
>Best regards -
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>    ---A somewhat related poll is described in my book and can be 
>accessed on my web site,   www.phyast.pitt.edu/~blc   
>click on item #12, highlight Chap. 5, and on the right side of the
>screen click on Sec. 4, "A poll of radiation health scientists".
>If you think such a poll would be useful and publishable, I could do the
>poll you propose with some advice, suggestions, and help.
>A Karam wrote:

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