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Dott. Montanari montanari at nanodiagnostics.it
Fri Jul 22 02:04:14 CDT 2005

May 8, 2005, under the title US-UK-Italian Uranium Science Fraudulent:
Patients Betrayed by Italian Scientist, an Internet magazine called Axis of
Logic published an interview a Ms Leuren Moret, introduced as a scientist,
gave to a Mr Bob Nichols, whose name I know is present in the DU-list.

Among other naïve nonsense, the “scientist” states that Dr Gatti, with whom
I have collaborated for the last 26 years, “posted mass spec profiles on her
website which showed what common metals were detected [in the pathological
tissues of soldiers affected by the Balkans or Gulf Syndrome] but the
profiles were cut off (edited) where uranium shows up on the profile. The
presentation of her information was done in a way that hides or omits the
uranium spike which is the likely culprit.”

The rest of the article is a compilation of vulgar and unaccountable insults
that deserve no notice.

As the name Leuren Moret is unknown in the circles I frequent, I searched
the Internet for the lady’s biography and discovered she has neither
scientific education nor any kind of experience in research, which, besides,
was immediately obvious if one had a look at our website
(www.nanodiagnostics.it <http://www.nanodiagnostics.it/> ) and our
literature and compared what we write and show with what Ms Moret says. The
problem is that, among many other things, the lady ignores the difference
between mass spectrography and EDS and, on the sole basis of her ignorance,
justifiable if you are a housewife but not if you profess to be a scientist,
she thinks she is authorized to sling mud at a group of real scientists. 

As I discovered later, Ms Moret passes herself off as a scientist, taking
advantage from the lack of training and credulousness of many people, and
that way she earns a living. Personally, I am not interested in the activity
of mountebanks, charlatans and quacks, of whom, I am afraid, the American
history quaintly teems, but I am afraid the lady could be dangerous. The
very fact that she asserts that our research can be biased for some reason I
cannot fathom and that she finds somebody available to publish such
preposterousness is upsetting, as it may prove there are reasons to twist
the truth.

I wrote to the editor of the magazine, to Mr Nichols and even to Ms Moret,
though I fear she is not up to explain what she herself maintains, to call
them to account, but the only answer I got was that from the editor,
informing me that they are all against the use of uranium. I think you agree
that, if that is an explanation, it is weak indeed. I even proposed to write
an article, simple enough to be universally understood, but supported by
actual, proven facts and original research carried out on patients.
Unfortunately, Axis of Logic seems not willing to publish other than what is
advantageous to their interests.

I understand that your groups would have no reason to exist if radioactivity
were discovered to be not to blame or were not the main cause of the
problem, and I also understand that you fail to realize that the problem is
much more serious and complex than simple radioactivity (which, without any
doubt, is not beneficial and can be pathogenetic), but I hope you see that
dealing with science with the mentality of the supporters of a baseball team
or a groupie doesn’t lead anywhere.



Dr Stefano Montanari

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