[ RadSafe ] Re: the Italian betrayers

James Salsman james at bovik.org
Fri Jul 22 10:11:31 CDT 2005

Dear Dr. Montanari:

Thank you for your message.

It does seem that Leuren Moret owes you an apology for suggesting
that your spectrographic measurements of the metal particles found
in human tissue were adjusted to show non-uranium metals instead
of uranium.  Absorbed uranium is not likely to be found in
particulate form unless it came from shrapnel.  The uranyl
(uranium(VI)) ion forms ligands with many molecules and is active
in the catalysis of several oxidants including hydroxyl.

> I understand that your groups would have no reason to exist if 
> radioactivity were discovered to be not to blame or were not the main 
> cause of the problem....

On the contrary, the reproductive toxicity of uranium is sufficient
cause for organized opposition to sources of uranium inhalation.

> the problem is much more serious and complex than simple 
> radioactivity....


James Salsman

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