AW: [ RadSafe ] DNA Damage and Oxidative Processes

James Salsman james at
Fri Jul 22 13:47:24 CDT 2005

Dear Franz:

Thank you for your message:

> The "protandim" one is a commercial web-site for a remedy which 
> according to the advertisment is not approved by the FDA....

Protandim is a new combination of several vegetable substances
which are not restricted because they have each been used in
the food and/or folk remedies of different cultures for many decades.

There is also a peptide, designated CMX-1152, from a Boston-area
company called CereMedix (, which has not yet
been commercialized because it is an animal substance (found
primarily in chordates, if I remember correctly) apparently used
to up-regulate cellular production of antioxidants.  It shows
promise in stroke victims and is presently undergoing testing.

I don't often get the opportunity to ask about whether reducing
lipid oxidation is a reasonable therapy for those who have been
exposed to uranium.  One would have to know whether the effect
existed in the vulnerable regions (e.g., gonocyte and lymphocyte
nuclei and outside during replication and transcription) before
being able to answer that question.

Do you have any students looking for research ideas?  It would
seem that Dr. Albrecht Schott's genetic aberration analysis
technique would be sufficient to answer the questions. [also .ppt]

James Salsman

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