[ RadSafe ] What Became of this 2001 WHO Investigation?

James Salsman james at bovik.org
Sat Jul 23 22:33:38 CDT 2005

Roger Helbig wrote:

> Actually I asked about the report by WHO in Iraq which 
> I  now understand has been discredited....

The WHO tells the truth about uranium solubility, while
those attempting to cover for the gross negligence which
has caused the illness of hundreds of thousands as well
as thousands of premature deaths (based only on the 24%
increase in cancer fatalities reported by Sandia for the
radiological hazard alone) do not.

>...  field measurements taken around selected impact
> sites in Kosovo indicates that contamination by DU in
> the environment was localized to a few tens of metres
> around impact sites....

True, mostly because the water table in Kosovo and Bosnia
is fairly deep, while in Iraq it is often just a meter
deep in the south where most of the pyrophoric uranium
weaponry was used.  See:  D. Ribera, F. Labrot, G. Tisnerat,
and J.-F. Narbonne, "Uranium in the environment:
occurrence, transfer, and biological effects," Reviews of
Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, vol. 146 (1996),
pp. 53–89.

James Salsman

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