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Attached please find the PDF(!) file which I did append to my note to John Jacobus.

I trust that you can consult my note to him.


Regarding the tenor of your reply, I just start to realize, how deeply-deeply-deeply entrenched this concept of LNT by now is in the whole thinking of your community, which as I remarked elsewhere is not genuinely mine. I definitely erred when considering its standing as being even remotely based on science. My further comments will take some time to be framed.


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Betreff: Re: AW: AW: AW: Log-log plot for excess breast cancer incidence rate 


         We might or might not be converging.  I intersperse some comments

>You might wish to ponder from this perspective the display of the Cardis
>1995 data I recently submitted to John Jacobus.

         Unfortunately, any attachments you sent to John did not come along
with the Radsafe transmission.  I note that the Radsafe rules permit PDF
attachments only.

>Thank you for stimulating me once more to sharpen up my reasoning.

         You're welcome.

>Truly, with kind regards, Rainer

         And the same from here.  George

George S. Stanford
Reactor physicist
Retired from Argonne National Laboratory


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