[ RadSafe ] Free - Six Large Shielded Casks, ~45,000 Pounds Each

Phillip A. Shultz, CHP pashultz at bellsouth.net
Tue Jul 26 07:12:28 CDT 2005

Free - Six Large Shielded Casks, ~45,000 Pounds Each

Six steel encapsulated and lined concrete shields are available at no cost.
Some assistance with shipping may be negotiated.  Each cask is carbon steel
encapsulated concrete with approximately 27 inches of concrete shielding in
all directions.  There are lifting eyes on both the casks and on the
lid/plug.  Each weighs approximately 45,000 pounds.  The shielded
cylindrical volume is 21.25 inches in diameter and 51.5 inches in height.
Drawings and radiological surveys are available.  Please contact me directly
- Phillip A. Shultz, CHP at pashultz at bellsouth.net or phone (803) 945-2173

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