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Cindy Bloom radbloom at comcast.net
Tue Nov 1 13:53:14 CST 2005

Thanks Lou,

I think both are needed.  As responsibilities pile on, its helpful to have 
quickly accessible aids that remind us of us today's requirements.  Because 
first responders spend most of their time responding to events that don't 
involve radiation (or other infrequently encountered materials), it is 
helpful to have the "rules" immediately accessible during the particular 

(I meant to respond to the list the first time...)


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>The solution seems obvious.  Responders don't need to memorize action
>levels, but they should have the action levels available (laminated cards
>might work) with the instrument or dosimeter used to measure the levels
>(radiation or chemical).  They should also have training sufficient to use
>the provided tools.
>If the levels are estimated by experts (rather than measured directly), the
>experts should include reminders regarding guidance on first response
>activities associated with the estimated levels.
>In my experience more often then not the problems arise when the Responder 
>has the instrumentation available to them but little training on same.
>Training is the key.
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