[ RadSafe ] "Are Utah fallout stories grossly exaggerated?"

bobcherry at cox.net bobcherry at cox.net
Mon Nov 7 08:56:13 CST 2005

Maybe I will be the first to post this interesting link with the subject headline:


As an aside:

The article says, "If you think Miles is making sense, you're in good company. The Forum on Physics & Society, a quarterly publication of the American Physical Society, has published an article he has written on the subject in its October newsletter."

Over the years, I have encouraged HPS liaison with the American Physical Society to no avail. The APS, of which I have been a member five years longer than I have been a member of the HPS, often takes strong positions on matters of interest to the HPS. These have included positions on exposure to RF radiation and to ionizing radiation and on radioactive waste. I remain puzzled by the lack of interaction between the HPS and APS.

Bob C

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