[ RadSafe ] Stopping "Al Queda in Iraq" Shields the USA from Radiation Attack

howard long hflong at pacbell.net
Wed Nov 9 13:50:21 CST 2005

My apologies, John, for not showing my tongue in my cheek when asking,
"Are you that anti-government, John"

Clearly, the center of US government (John's location?) is the prime target, 
most likely  to be hit by radiation when Zarkawi et al don't have our buddies
occupying their attention. I hope he can help calm hysteria and panic with a NukAlert.
Howard Long

Sandy Perle <sandyfl at earthlink.net> wrote:
On 9 Nov 2005 at 10:07, howard long wrote:

> Are you really that anti-government, John?

Enough already! I could delete this, but I'd rather exercise my 
fingers a bit!!! 

CUT the personal attacks ... everyone. You're really embarrassing 
yourselves. If I were an outsider, and there are many who follow this 
list, I wouldn't trust anything from any one of you, with any 
confidence. Agendas, that's all I would see. Pure, personal agendas. 
Where's the science.

There are listservers for Homeland Security, Military and other 
political activists. 

Take this BS there!

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