[ RadSafe ] Re: Disposal via Decay in Storage

Cary Renquist cary_rdsfe at pacbell.net
Thu Nov 10 15:45:43 CST 2005

Thank you all for your viewpoints.  

My post was a bit of a troll...

This is something that I have wondered about for
years, but never really took the time to investigate.

I have seen Tc-99m listed in many hospitals', 
Universities', and some regulatory rad-guidlines as a
I always wondered how this could be since Tc-99m
decays to Tc-99.  (Tc-99 does not slowly grow-in -- it
"grows-in" as Tc-99m decays.)  

Now that I took a few minutes to actually think about
it, I realize that there is a large difference in
specific activity, so if you start with 1 Ci of Tc-99m
you don't end-up with 1 Ci of Tc-99 -- you would
end-up with a few nCi of Tc-99.  Duh.

Thanks for kicking my brain into gear,

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