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> Subject: FYI #162: FY 2006 DOE Bill - Nuclear
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> The American Institute of Physics Bulletin of
Science Policy News
> Number 162: November 11, 2005
> FY 2006 DOE Appropriations Bill: Nuclear Weapons
> There were significant areas of disagreement in the
approaches taken
> to nuclear weapons programs in the initial House and
Senate versions
> of the FY 2006 Energy and Water Development
Appropriations Bill.
> These differences have been resolved, resulting in
the compromise
> language found in the conference report accompanying
H.R. 2419.
> Selections of this language follow;  the entire
report (109-275) may
> be read at http://thomas.loc.gov/ Note that
specified funding may be
> reduced (probably in the range of two to three
percent) to pay for
> hurricane reconstruction costs.
> "The conference agreement provides no funds for the
Robust Nuclear
> Earth Penetrator (RNEP) feasibility study."  (See
below under
> "Reliable Replacement Warhead.")
> "Construction--Project 96-D-111.--The conferees
provide $141,913,000
> for construction of the National Ignition Facility
(NIF), the same
> as the budget request."
> "The conferees direct the Department to maintain the
> 24-month test readiness posture."
> "The conference agreement provides no funding for
the modern pit
> facility."  (See context below.)
> "For the pit manufacturing and certification
campaign, the
> conference agreement provides $241,074,000. The
conference agreement
> provides $120,926,000 for W88 pit manufacturing and
$61,895,000 for
> W88 pit certification, the same as the budget
request. The
> conference agreement provides $23,071,000 for Pit
> Capability and $35,182,000 for Pit campaign support
at the Nevada
> Test Site. The conference agreement provides no
funding for the
> modern pit facility. The conferees direct the
Administrator of the
> NNSA to undertake a review of the pit program to
focus on improving
> the manufacturing capability at TA-55. The conferees
also direct the
> Department to develop a report as to how the NNSA
intends to address
> the radiological mission and security needs of
category III/IV
> material currently housed at TA-18 at Los Alamos.
This report shall
> be provided to the Committees on Appropriations by
February 1,
> 2006."
> "The conferees have provided $25,000,000 for the RRW
program. The
> conferees expect that the laboratories and plants
will also utilize
> the existing resources in the Directed Stockpile,
Campaigns, and
> Readiness in Technical Base and Facilities accounts
where applicable
> to further the RRW design options to support a
Nuclear Weapons
> Council determination in November 2006. The
conferees reiterate the
> direction provided in fiscal year 2005 that any
weapon design work
> done under the RRW program must stay within the
> requirements of the existing deployed stockpile and
any new weapon
> design must stay within the design parameters
validated by past
> nuclear tests. The conferees expect the NNSA to
build on the success
> of science-based stockpile stewardship to improve
> practices, lower costs and increase performance
margins, to support
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