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Ludwig E. Feinendegen feinendegen at gmx.net
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Simply crazy. Ludwig
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  From an anti-nuke list.  From email address "cutemagnet2000 @ yahoo.com"  (I couldn't make that up :-)


  (And from a San Francisco area code? :-) 


  Regards, Jim Muckerheide



  Dear Sirs!


  My name is Yelena Zmushko and I'm working right now on the documentary "Chernobyl 20", a documentary film about personal search for truth about the Chernobyl accident and it's consequences to health, psyche, environment and etc. I'm a downwinder ans was 9 years old when it happened. 

  I'm looking for anti nuclear scientists or medical specialists who could interview with me about health consequences of the Chernobyl accident. 



  Yelena Zmushko

  Documentary Filmamker

  "Chernobyl 20"


  chernobyl20 at hotmail.com


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