[ RadSafe ] Stopping "Al Queda in Iraq" Shields theUSAfrom Radiation Attack

howard long hflong at pacbell.net
Fri Nov 11 14:12:59 CST 2005

Iran and Iraq both have competent scientists able to make an atom bomb in a year or two.
Populations resistant to exporting disasters to the USA are the best preventive. 
Proliferation-resistant nuclear power plants (new pebble methods) help. 
Paranoia about "big business" inciting disaster, is less warranted than about Syrian Baathists or Iranian Mullahs doing so. Bush policy supports populations (as with oil shared equally by citizens). The USA no longer supports tyrants.
Howard Long 

"Haleem, Mahmoud S." <HALEEM at cua.edu> wrote:
Iran is not Iraq. They are very capable and I do not think any one will mess with them. Just check the geography of Iran. They control Strait of Hermuz on the Persian gulf and guess what that where most of the world's OIL comes from. Also Iran is no tutelage of any super power. Contrary to its neighbors who are tutelage of others. 

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Guys, I hear nothing about Iran ... what you think? are they capable of 
building a bomb or do they have the right materials already from the gray 
market ... may be it is better to wide spread the issue at least 


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