[ RadSafe ] Graphite SWAG Answer - Helium on tubine?

JGinniver at aol.com JGinniver at aol.com
Sun Nov 13 04:49:37 CST 2005

thanks for your response, however I know of a process that has been used to  
reprocess new (un-burnt) fuel from one of the German reactors.  The  'pebbles' 
were difficult to process, but not impossible and all of the fuel was  
processed and the Uranium returned to Germany.  The other aspect that  current 
designers seem to stress is that the long burn-up that can be achieved  with this 
fuel means that their will be more Pu-240, Pu-241 etc in the fuel that  makes 
it less desirable for the manufacture of nuclear weapons.   Unfortunately if 
you want to make nuclear weapons you do what was done with the  original Magnox 
reactors in the UK and remove the fuel are a short time in the  reactor for 

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