[ RadSafe ] Suppliers of Strontium 90 foil sources?

JGinniver at aol.com JGinniver at aol.com
Wed Nov 16 14:37:17 CST 2005

Hi, I'm looking for a supplier of Strontium 90 sources in the form of a  
foil.  Unfortunately, to date I have only found supplier who distribute  Sr-90 on 
single resin beads and as this would be a point source, I would need  
significantly more activity than if the Sr-90 were dispersed across a  foil.  I'm 
looking to manufacture replacement response test jigs for Ion  chamber doserate 
instruments.  If any one knows of a supplier of Sr-90, or  a supplier of 
suitable jigs, or could provide details of jigs in use within  their company, I would 
appreciate the information.

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