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Jim Hardeman Jim_Hardeman at dnr.state.ga.us
Wed Nov 16 16:52:21 CST 2005

Stewart *
I don't know which forecast he's talking about ... the Energy Information Administration (EIA), which says that it produces "official energy statistics from the U.S. Government", indicates in its latest published annual energy outlook (which includes projections out to 2025) that U.S. electrical energy consumption is anticipated to rise from ~11.9 quadrillion BTU (roughly equivalent to 399 GWe @ 100% capacity) in 2003 to ~17.8 quadrillion BTU (roughly equivalent to 595 GWe @ 100% capacity) in 2025 ... a 49% increase, and an increase of nearly 200 GWe in "ideal" generation capacity. Assuming a real capacity factor of somewhere around 90%, this increase in demand would translate to an additional ~218 GWe in electrical generation capacity ... a far cry from the 6 GWe in nuclear generation capacity mentioned.
URL = http://www.eia.doe.gov/oiaf/aeo/index.html
If I had to speculate, I would think that Sen. Frist is speaking only to the financial incentives that Congress is providing, through DOE, to the first six (6) new reactors "out of the chute". If finances and public opinion prove favorable to the construction and operation of new nuclear generation capacity, the availability of federal incentives (in my humble opinion) will have little to do with how many new plants come online in the next 30 years.
My $0.02 worth ...
Jim Hardeman
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Hi all,
Sen. Frist writes in his commentary that the government's "official 30-year energy forecast, indeed, will assume that we're going to build another 
six gigawatts of generating capacity - roughly six new reactors"

The growth of electrical demand over the next 30 years has to be much, much more than 6 gigawatts which is equal to only 6  1,000 Mw[e] power plants

Does anyone have the link for the govenments official 30 year energy forecast?

Stewart Farber
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Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2005 5:48 am
Subject: [ RadSafe ] Re: Sen Frist calls for nuclear power
>  http://www.ajc.com/opinion/content/opinion/1105/14edfrist.html 
>  ajc.com > Opinion 
>  Put aside fears; seize its potential
>  Published on: 11/14/05 
>  Sometime in the next five years, if all goes according to plan, 
> construction workers will turn over the first spades of dirt for 
> the foundations of a new nuclear power plant. ..................

Without nuclear power we will likely face another energy crisis. 
> The federal government's forthcoming official 30-year energy 
> forecast, indeed, will assume that we're going to build another 
> six gigawatts of generating capacity - roughly six new reactors. .............................
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