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The use of the same unit for different quantities indeed is confusing, and I myself time and again get entrapped. 


The effective dose, E, is a different quantity than the equivalent dose since it 'measures' a different thing than the radiation-weighted tissue dose, H_T - if in fact it MEASURES anything real. So for practical reasons and not least of all for unambiguous communication with non-specialists it would be helpful to have distinct units for different quantities.


On the other hand, you might indeed question the wisdom to bestow the status of a special unit, even an SI unit, on a measure which like effective dose and even dose equivalent every other decade or so changes quite significantly its numerical value for one and the same radiation field, in particular in fields like cosmic or atmospheric ionising radiation? 


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Standard denials apply.....IMHO

I fail to see the utility of another radiation unit.

Although I think that Lauriston Taylor belongs in the pantheon of
important health physicists, I'm not sure what his opinion of this
proposal would be.

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