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John Jacobus crispy_bird at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 22 12:19:26 CST 2005

Confusion in units?  When is the U.S. going to
harmonize and start using the Sv, Bq, and Gy?

--- Sandy Perle <sandyfl at earthlink.net> wrote:

> On 21 Nov 2005 at 17:36, John Jacobus wrote:
> > As one who answers patients questions, I always
> feel
> > that I should apologize for the confusion between
> DE
> > and ED. I am not sure if naming a new unit would
> be
> > more confusioning tahn the current situation.
> John,
> I expect that most, if not all patients, would be
> confused. Heck, 
> even most physicists remain confused on how to use
> the terms as 
> intended!  MY biggest issue is that any new term
> would be contrary to 
> the current definitions used throughout the world,
> and, are included 
> in various international standards. The USA should
> not embark on a 
> new term that is sued solely in the USA, and would
> further increase a 
> a chasm in the standards area where there needs to
> be more 
> harmonization, and not a continual splitting.

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