[ RadSafe ] New Radiation Protection Unit? The Taylor (Ty)

Muckerheide, James jimm at WPI.EDU
Wed Nov 23 15:56:17 CST 2005

This is great George!  

However, in fairness to the many fine 'Goldbergs' who should rightly take
umbrage, I suggest that it instead be just named the "Rube." 

Also, of course, while it is in the purview of NCRP, it is not in the purview
of ICRP, but rather ICRU, which, IIRC, has expressed some disdain for the
unscientific nature of this whole construct of ICRP/NCRP nonsense of applying
(implying) scientific units to the unmeasurable and unknowable.

Regards, Jim Muckerheide

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> (My apologies to the international participants for my parochial humor)
> I missed the origination of this thread.  Is it April 1st already?
> Personally, I would not want to sully the great reputation of Lauriston
> Taylor by linking it to some of the recent ruminations of the ICRP.
> Instead
> I would offer that ICRP pass on adopting the "Taylor" in favor of the
> "Goldberg" in honor of that great American inventor of the awkward,
> complex and arcane.
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