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NIOSH Publication No. 2005-131:

An Epidemiologic Study of Mortality and Radiation-Related Risk of Cancer 
Among Workers at the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental 
Laboratory, A U.S. Department of Energy Facility:
NIOSH Occupational Energy Research Program Final Report
This study is an all-cause cohort mortality study to evaluate causes and 
numbers of deaths among workers at the INEEL facility, and to determine 
if and how past radiation exposures were associated with cancers among 
INEEL workers. This study included 63,561 civilian workers employed by 
the Department of Energy (DOE), its contractors and subcontractors, or 
the Naval Reactors Facility (NRF) at the INEEL at any time between 1949 
and the end of 1991. Causes of death prior to 12/31/1999 were obtained 
for deceased workers using the National Death Index and death 
certificates. Gamma and neutron radiation doses were estimated for each 
worker from individual dosimetry records at the INEEL and the NRF. 
Mortality risks for most causes of death were lower among INEEL workers 
compared to the regional population. However, cancer rates were slightly 
elevated, and differ by the type of work conducted at the INEEL. While 
the results of the study suggest that there may be a relationship 
between workplace radiation exposures and the risk of brain tumors, 
leukemia, and lymphatic cancers, the numbers were not statistically 
significant. The findings provide guidance for further research needed 
to determine conclusively if past radiation exposures were associated 
with a risk of cancer.

Available at http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/docs/2005-131/2005-131.html

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