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These reports are difficult to obtain. You probably have to go to the ORNL publications office, start at http://www.ornl.gov/

I will note, however, that this phantom series was not widely used in the dosimetry community. Rather, the series of Cristy and Eckerman (ORNL/TM-8381, v1-7, 1987) was more generally accepted and used. 


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Dear collegues,

a research student here at Julich not being a member of the list is looking for an old ORNL-Report:
Hwang, J.W., et al. (1976)
Mathematical descriptions of a One and Five Year Old child for use in dosimetry calculations Report No. ORNL/ TM-5293 Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN

Unfortunately the report is not available at any of the libraries our library cooperates with.
Can anybody give him a hint , where a copy may be found ?
Please contact him directly at
mailto:V.Sinha at fz-juelich.de

Kind regards
Peter Hill

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