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James Salsman james at bovik.org
Wed Oct 12 12:33:40 CDT 2005

A few days after claiming that he wanted to sue the victims 
of uranium inhalation poisoning under the False Claims Act 
(a whistleblower's waste, fraud, and abuse-prevention law), 
Retired Colonel Roger Helbig (or someone purporting to be 
him) sent the following message.

I wonder if he will take responsibility for his opinions in 
a public forum.

What do you do when someone is trying to tell people that 
UO3 is no more toxic than metallic U?  That is wrong.  What 
is the factor by which it is wrong? 

James Salsman

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Subject: Re: [ RadSafe ] Birth defects with Basrah fear and malnutrition - notDU
Date: Sat, 8 Oct 2005 03:03:49 -0700
From: Roger Helbig <rhelbig at california.com>
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Why don't you smoke it .. and do a 50 year study .. bet you are still alive and kicking and that all of your progeny are fine ..  Uranium oxide is no more toxic than uranium itself .. you just are bound and determined .. bet you even came up and demonstrated on Sep 24th .. would you even be concerned if there were no troops in Iraq?  Is that really the main event and all else just a smoke screen?

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Subject: Re: [ RadSafe ] Birth defects with Basrah fear and malnutrition - notDU

Uranium miners don't burn it.

Roger Helbig wrote:

> There is plenty of evidence that birth defects did not occur in children of uranium miners .. what you fail to consider is that there is no reliable past data in Iraq .. everything in Iraq served the needs of the Saddam regime .. if he wanted to drum up a propaganda campaign to get sanctions lifted, he had people fudge the data.  You and the other members of the activist community are just willing dupes ..but he judged you perfectly!
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> Dear Dr. Long:
> Thank you for your message:
>> ... Malnutrition makes birth defects. Especially neurologic defects 
>> are caused by deficiency of folate (greens, as grown in marshes).
>> Fear (as with helicopter slaughter) disrupts circulation, 
>> digestion, hormones, etc. These two proven causes are 
>> far more likely than DU....
> If that were true, then conflicts prior to February 1991's
> Operation Dessert Storm would have led to increases in the 
> birth defect incident rate in children of the involved 
> troops and civilians.
> Are you able to show any evidence of that?
> The kind of birth defects that have been observed do not 
> match a folate deficiency, and the U.S. and U.K. troops are 
> both fed floate-enriched foods.  If the troops' increase 
> in their kids' birth defect incidence rate was due to diet, 
> then shouldn't the effect be apparent in far more troops?
> If these were legitimate hypotheses, they would have been 
> advanced, developed, and buttressed with evidence by the 
> resourceful interests in favor of pyrophoric depleted 
> uranium munitions long ago, but they have not been because 
> they can not be, because the evidence is contrary and 
> consistent with chromosome damage from uranyl poisoning.
> Sincerely,
> James Salsman

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