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John Jacobus crispy_bird at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 13 15:20:25 CDT 2005

Carrying a Geiger counters and Nukalerts is sending
the wrong message.  It has to do with education, not
gadgets.  I do not know of a single HP who carries a
meter around with them.

I would not waste my time doing it your way.  How
successful have you been with yours?  

I think it is about time we moved beyond nuclear
weapons.  Our deficit is big enough.  

--- howard long <hflong at pacbell.net> wrote:

> John, you can help.
> I, and all HPs, should carry Geiger counters and
> Nukalerts to show radiophobes 
> and first responders especially (and at every
> opportunity),
> 1, Our environment is naturally radioactive,
> 2, As with sunshine, most people would be healthier
> with more radiation.
> Reagan, like Bush, was called a warmonger for
> straight talk and action,
> necessary to stop aggressors. My friends at LLNL
> rightly believe their research
>  and production of deterrent H bombs probably saved
> millions of American and European
> and USSR lives. Reagan's legacy lives. We are it.
> Howard Long
> John Jacobus <crispy_bird at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Howard,
> So what have you done to educate these people? If I
> can be of help, let me know.
> And what does Ronald Reagan have to do with the
> subject we are discussing? He is dead, you know.

On Oct. 5, 1947, in the first televised White House address, President Truman asked Americans to refrain from eating meat on Tuesdays and poultry on Thursdays to help stockpile grain for starving people in Europe. 

-- John
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