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As always, it is better to read the material, e.g.,
BEIR VII, Part 2, that speculate on what it does and
does not say.  For one thing, the BEIR VII considers
low dose, low-LET radiation effects.  I believe that
Wing's latest (or continuation of on-going) work
involves internal contamination of Pu-239 and other

As for Wing, et. al., their work has been criticized
in many places.  However, because he has a chance to
speak first on an issue and has various degrees to
support his work, he is hard to stop.  

--- "Franta, Jaroslav" <frantaj at aecl.ca> wrote:

> As an interesting aside, it appears that even BEIR 7
> didn't support the
> claims by Wing & his ilk.....
> http://www.house.gov/science/wing_071800.htm
> Steve Wing, Associate Professor, Department of
> Epidemiology, School of
> Public Health, University of North Carolina
> Statement to the Subcommittee on Energy and
> Environment of the Committee on
> Science, United States House of Representatives,
> July 18, 2000
> <SNIP>
> My testimony will make three points: current cancer
> risk estimates are too
> low by a factor of ten or more;  current standards
> do not adequately protect
> workers and the public;  and, a large and growing
> body of scientific
> evidence shows that there is no basis for further
> relaxation of radiation
> protection standards.
> <SNIP>
> Incidentally, would someone please provide comments
> on Steve Wing's report
> on LANL, that supposedly shows an "....unexplained
> presence at LANL of
> pu-238 four to twenty times the estimates from
> DOE.... and higher than
> backgound levels of pu in autopsies of citizens who
> never worked at LANL."
> The review at this URL doesn't actually provide
> details of these claims :
> http://www.nuclearactive.org/docs/RTKExecSumm.pdf
> New Mexico's Right to Know: The Impacts of LANL
> Operations on Public Health
> and the Environment
> . . .

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