[ RadSafe ] Don't underestimate the death rate from Chernobyl what about life time hormone treatment for the children who survived thytroid cancer?

James Salsman james at bovik.org
Thu Oct 20 23:19:44 CDT 2005

Dr. Parthasarathy wrote:

>... I have heard comments on US uranium miners who had lung cancer.
> I was told that these miners belonged to such a socioeconomic group
> that many who did not suffer from lung cancer died due to knife
> wounds inflicted during drunken brawls....

First of all, I gather that uranium miners are at least thirty times 
more likely to be at risk for lung cancer from natural causes, let
alone smoking, than from uranium(IV) ore dust inhalation, which is 
really pretty harmless.  

Second, drunken brawls in the US which result in death are twice as 
likely to have involved handguns than knifes.  About 2.3 times as 
many serious knife attacks are reported to US police as gun attacks, 
but guns result in twice as many homicides.

Finally, a much greater risk is to the uranium metalworkers, who 
inhale more concentrated uranium dusts and fumes, containing a much 
higher proportion of the dangerous uranium(VI) oxides:



James Salsman

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