[ RadSafe ] Battery powered lighting conductors? Huh? was Costs of "rad protection"?

Richard L. Hess lists at richardhess.com
Mon Oct 24 14:21:53 CDT 2005

>According to Haji Ahmad Dawan, a director and consultant with RE Morris,
>about 1,000 building owners have hired his company to replace the radioactive
>lightning conductors with normal conductors that use battery power.

Huh? ? ?

Gee, and I used to think the idea of a lightning conductor was to 
take the discharge from the air terminal into the ground system. Who 
would have thought that they needed to be battery powered? Do the 
batteries get recharged when the lightning hits? Is this a new form 
of off-grid power supply? Or are the batteries used for corrosion 
protection? If so, how are they protected from the lighting discharge 
energy? This seems to be a whole area that has yet to be explored in 
North America where we simply use copper or aluminum conductors (or 
sometimes building steel) to ground air terminals and allow a safe 
path for the lightning to follow to ground.



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