[ RadSafe ] three-pronged uranyl exposure therapy proposal

James Salsman james at bovik.org
Tue Oct 25 16:20:01 CDT 2005

Does anyone see any problems with the following treatment for 
uranyl exposure?

1.  Uranium sequestration:  3,4,3-LIHOPO or better chelator;

2.  Antioxidant stimulation:  CMX-1154 (www.ceremedix.com) 
and/or Protandim (www.protandim.com); and

3.  Oxidation product sequestration enzymes:  Eukarion 

Since we in the U.S. give our troops $500 Provigil prescriptions 
on demand (thank goodness we've cut out the dextroamphetamines), 
then we ought to at least have some decent treatments for the 
uranium exposure victims.

Several species of mammals and some human volunteers would need 
to try the interaction profile first, under D.V.M. and M.D. 
supervision and peer review.  

Prongs 2 and 3 have wide "dual-use" application to the population 
at large.  I suspect figuring out how to up-regulate naturally 
occurring scavenger compounds may be better than just adding more 
scavenger enzymes in prong 3; just as adding vitamin A, C, or E, 
or other antioxidant megadoses doesn't help nearly as much as 
up-regulating natural antioxidant production, although it does 
help a little, but not enough to justify the side effects in the 
case of vitamin A.

Until we get nanobots with tiny directional ionophore sensors 
(don't hold your breath -- or do, if you are around dangerous 
quantities of uranyl oxide gas) I don't see how we could do better.

James Salsman

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