[ RadSafe ] three-pronged uranyl exposure therapy proposal

Otto G. Raabe ograabe at ucdavis.edu
Wed Oct 26 17:49:20 CDT 2005

At 03:15 PM 10/26/2005, James Salsman wrote:
>   Do you have any reason to not want
>to look at that time series data?
Epidemiological studies require precise application of scientific methods, 
not random imaginary association of random observations. We are now being 
plagued by unscientific data misuse where the purpose is to "prove" some 
preconceived association following the fallacious method called "Affirming 
the Consequence". Many books have been published in recent years by 
activists that misuse data to promote their favorite imaginary radiation 
effect. Most scientists do not want to assist in the advancement of 
misinformation. Why encourage the misuse of data?

The fact the depleted uranium is only slightly radioactive and relatively 
non-toxic does not seem to have any impact on Mr. Salsman or the other 
anti-DU crowd. The over 50 years of scientific studies of the toxicity of 
uranium and the recent studies by the Department of Defense are never 
referenced by the anti-DU fanatics. I wish that they would put their energy 
into causes that would be societally beneficial such as campaigning against 
cigarette smoking (100,000 deaths per year) or the development of clean 
nuclear power to provide energy independence for out nation (we already 
have all the nuclear fuel we need).


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