[ RadSafe ] Nuclear Power/ Greenhouse Effect/ Massive AfricanHuman Impacts

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DDT prohibition is proven to kill millions of African children yearly.
Genetically modified food prohibition starves millions yearly.
CO2 levels to 600 ppm from present 360 ppm could double food production
    They are not related to human production (more CO2 coming into USA
than leaving)
    and global temp is related more to sunspots.
More nuclear energy use with carbon saved more for plastics, flght fuel,
etc. is best.
   Read Crichton's State of Fear. He references good science. 
Howard Long


The World Health Organization abandoned its decade-long program to
eradicate malaria around the world (a program based on DDT and
anti-malarial drugs) in the mid-60s, well before the banning of DDT in
the US.  Apparently, med schools were not teaching about drug and
pesticide resistance when Dr. Long took his degree.

There are a number of elevated-CO2 experiments that show leveling off of
the CO2 fertilization effect as growth is limited by the lack of other
critical nutrients.  Apparently, med schools didn't teach about
rate-limiting substrate components when Dr. Long took his degree.

_State of Fear_ is a work of fiction as is some of the "science" that
Crichton cites.

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