[ RadSafe ] Nuclear Power/ Greenhouse Effect/ Massive AfricanHuman Impacts

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AfricanHuman Impacts

1, DDT is effective, now, in certain areas limited by US and EU. No
significant resistance.
2, CO2 supplement I have seen to double the growth rate of sour orange
trees AND halve the water usage in the Phoenix test. Other growth
factors were much less important.
3, Crichton, and MD, notes carefully that his references are NOT
fictional. Indeed they fir my much more extensive bibliography.
4, Authority in med school would still ridicule Heliobacter pylori, for
which the Nobel prize in medicine was given last month. Trust data,
repeatedly verified, not authority, James.
Howard Long

1.  More species of insects are resistant to DDT than any other
pesticide.  I will stipulate that it should continue to be available in
third world countries for use against malaria and other
insect/arthropod-borne diseases.  However, the assertions of millions of
deaths due to the banning of DDT are hyperbolic.
2.  The Idso sour orange tree experiments are lab experiments with all
necessary nutrients provided and are not representative of the response
of forest and grasslands where it would be impossible to provide all of
the necessary nutrients.  Check out the Duke Experimental Forest and the
Texas grassland papers.
3.  The Crichton references all exist, but some of the papers are
junkscience, to borrow a popular phrase.  That's what I meant by
4.  I would argue that you are the one trusting "authority" to make
arguments straight out of the Right Wing War on Science play book about
subjects that you clearly don't know much about.  I haven't written
anything in this exchange not supported by reading in the primary
Best regards.
Jim Dukelow
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