[ RadSafe ] three-pronged uranyl exposure therapy proposal

James Salsman james at bovik.org
Sat Oct 29 02:34:36 CDT 2005

Dear Professor Raabe:

Thank you for your reply:

> Why encourage the misuse of data?

Are you suggesting that allowing observation the data would encourage its misuse?

>. The over 50 years of scientific studies of the toxicity of uranium 
> and the recent studies by the Department of Defense are never 
> referenced by the anti-DU fanatics.

I wrote Dr. Marshall, the author of the recent Sandia study, but he 
and his spokesman never wrote back.  He contradicted himself by claiming 
to account for all of the chemical effects, but failing to measure the 
reproductive and developmental toxicities.  His disclaimer about how 
anyone trying to understand the effects of a dirty uranium bomb should 
disregard his report made it easy to disregard.  Maybe that is why the 
two opposing camps don't share as many cross-citations as they could.

> I wish that they would put their energy into causes that would be
> societally beneficial such as campaigning against cigarette smoking

I wish the Justice Department hadn't tenthed their settlement demand
from the tobacco industry, but I can't do much about that.  I 
certainly didn't vote for this absurdly incompetent US administration.  

> or the development of clean nuclear power to provide energy
> independence for out nation..

As soon as the byproduct and waste disposal methodologies improve, so
will support of the industry.

James Salsman

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