[ RadSafe ] environmental resuspension sampling

Zack Clayton Zack.Clayton at epa.state.oh.us
Mon Oct 31 07:57:00 CST 2005

Ohio EPA is looking for any procedures that detail long term air
sampling for post plume resuspension monitoring after an accident.   
If you have a set that you are using, I would appreciate an electronic

version of them to use as boilerplate as we write ours.    Currently 
we are looking at  PM 10 types of environmental sampling procedures.  
Is that appropriate, or do you have something that may work better 
for monitoring resuspension?  We would be sampling in urban, 
vegetated, and bare earth agricultural areas.


Zack A. Clayton
email:  zack.clayton at epa.state.oh.us 
voice:  614-644-3066
fax:       614-460-8249

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