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Hi Kjell,
Glad to see your note. Hope all is well with you.  I'm surprised how some so easily dismiss an experiment of global and long-term characteristics in such a flip way. Your comment that: "From what we do know, the outcomes are more bad that good." is a succinct statement of the bottom line.

Thanks again for contributing a Cs-137 in woodash measurement to me back in the early 1990s. Made for an interesting paper, and a lot of fascinating interactions with environmental [anti-nuclear] interests after I gave a paper on the nationwide survey results which I presented to an annual meeting of HPS in Washington picked up by Science News Weekly [in a note: "Woodash--The unregulated radwaste"]

"Environmentalists" were suddenly tripping over themselves to admit that contaminating their gardens or commercial scale organic farming coops with woodash with elevated Cs-137 levels, resulting in doses of 1-10 mrem/year [at worst from Cs-137 and the Sr-90 present in ash] was OK. Organic Gardening Magazine by Rodale Press [monthly paid subscriptions of over 1,000,000] actually in effect defined de minimus by saying the dose was less than 10 mrem and thus of little concern. If only the Congress and regulatory bodies had as much sense!

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........... It is evident that
> increased concentrations will drive the biogeochemical reactions into
> environmental conditions not experienced by humanity in the last 
> severalmillion years. From what we do know, the outcomes are more 
> bad that good.   
> Kjell Johansen
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