[ RadSafe ] Looking for guidance on when to post a "SoilContamination Area"

Lemuel Matthews lmatthews at isoray.com
Tue Apr 4 12:59:23 CDT 2006

Essentially we post define an area as contaminated when that
contaminiation is in such a form so as to be readily transferable an
therefore a skin or internal concern.  At a DOE site a while back we
encountered areas of hand held detectable soil contamination but when
one walked through the area there was no contamination detectable on the
shoes.  We used what amounted to "detectable contamination but not
readily transferable" as the basis for the posting.

<>< Lemuel
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I work for a company that routinely does work sampling in soil
I am working on a RWP for soil sampling in potentially contaminated
I have some historical data showing elevated soil concentrations in
areas (Ra-226, Th-230, and U-238).  Our site limits on surface
are 20 dpm alpha, and 100 dpm beta.  My concern is that while sampling
may encounter areas where the elevated soil concentrations may lead to
surface contamination in excess of our site limits.  I would like to
know if
this could happen prior to sampling so I could have the area posted as a
"Contamination Area".

So my question is this: Is there an industry standard action level for
contamination that can/will lead to surface contamination?  Is there an
industry standard level where posting a "Contamination Area" becomes

Has anyone with a similar program ever encountered a situation like this
before?  If so, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  I would like
compare our procedures to other programs.  Thank you.


W. Clark Evers-



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