[ RadSafe ] 7 Lessons from TMI

Jose Julio Rozental joseroze at netvision.net.il
Wed Apr 5 08:13:37 CDT 2006

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Jose Julio Rozental
joseroze at netvision.net.il

Tell it Like it is: 7 Lessons from TMI
by Peter M. Sandman

The Three Mile Island (TMI) nuclear plant accident in Middletown, USA made
global news in March and April 1979. The event turned out to be a “school”
for many. One “student” was then a young professor who covered the story
behind the headlines, and learned about the news and information business
along the way.

1. Pay Attention to Communication

2. Err on the Alarming Side

3. Don't Lie, and Don't Tell Half-Truths

4. Expect the Media to be Over-reassuring

5. Keep it Simple

6. Pay Attention to Outrage

7. Get the Word Out

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