[ RadSafe ] "Two-scatter" rule in medical x-ray protection

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Hi all,
I don't do much medical health physics but many of my colleagues have
and continue to do so.  Between speaking with colleagues and reading
NCRP-147, I never realized that "the booth shall be positioned that no
unattenuated primary or unattenuated single-scattered radiation will
reach the operator's position in the booth." The same or similar text
appear in NCRP 49 and other documents.
I'm wondering why "two-scatter" rule exists. If the sum of the leakage
and scatter dose is less than the limits, then why does the
"two-scatter" rule exist? As far as I can reason, scatter radiation is
of a lower energy an lower intensity than either the primary or leakage,
so it's not a question of radiation quality. Is it simply an ALARA
Thanks for your time and patience.
Jerry Falo

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