[ RadSafe ] FW: spam: FW: 'Exit' signs boost landfill

John Andrews andrewsjp at chartertn.net
Fri Apr 7 23:15:00 CDT 2006

efforrer at aol.com wrote:

> Forgive me if this is an obvious question but wouldn't the tritium gas 
> be more likely to be removed from the landfill via the methane 
> extraction system?
> _______________________________________________
Here is another obvious question:  How does the exit sign find its way 
to the landfill as an intact sign.  Seems to me that the handling of the 
sign would be destructive before it reaches the point of being covered 
by fill of any kind in the landfill.  If it breaks anytime in the 
handling during disposal before it is buried, then the tritum gas will 
escape to the atmosphere and not be sorbed by the water in the landfill.

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